Four years ago when I ran, I promised to bring back civility to the city council.  I can honestly say that promise has been kept.  It was not through my efforts alone, it was certainly a group effort, but I like to think I helped set the tone by making it my pledge.   I also pledged to listen to everyone and give them the respect they deserve.  I had no idea how much time and patience that would take and I’ve learned a lot in the last four years.  I’ve listened to you and have acted accordingly.

I am running again because there is so much left to do!  

You’ve told me we still need to focus on bringing more jobs to Longmont.  We now have a plan in place called Advance Longmont.  We are poised to recruit new business in a more strategic way. It is a great blueprint on how the city, the Chamber, and the Longmont Area Economic Council can work together to make Longmont the best place for both large and small businesses to locate.  I’ve listened to your concerns and great strides can be made in the next few years in this area if we continue to have a supportive Council. 

You told me we need to do something about affordable housing.  I explain affordable housing like this:  there are three types.  The first type is home ownership that is available for first time home buyers.  There is a lack of this type of housing stock in Longmont for a variety of reasons.  One of those reasons is the Construction Defects Law currently in Colorado.  In a nutshell, this law has made it prohibitive to build condos and townhouses-the most affordable type of housing.  Under this law, trial attorneys have filed law suits in the metro area against builders even before a development is finished claiming defects.  Now lenders are refusing to lend to builders wanting to build this type of home because of the liability.  Several cities have passed ordinances that require homeowners and associations to go to arbitration and try and work it out before filing lawsuits.  I am proposing we do this as well and will be making that recommendation soon to Council.  The second type of affordable housing is rental stock for our workforce.  Rents have skyrocketed due to lack of inventory in our area.  We are making progress in this area and we have around 1600 new rental units that will be built by the end of 2016.  The last type of affordable housing is for those in our community who, because of some type of disability either mental or physical will never be able to afford to live here without some type of assistance.  This is where we need to decide as a community, what we want to do and how we can help.   I’m listening.  

We have so much going on in Longmont-the roll out of our city-owned broadband, Nextlight,  continued flood repair, the redevelopment of the Saint Vrain River, the revision of our Comprehensive Plan that will be decided upon this next year.  I am ready and willing to continue to serve.  

All this work will decide the future of our city.  Together we can create a vision, put that into action and build a vibrant 21st century city.

Bonnie Finley

Trained, Tested and Trusted   

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